About New Journey

About New Journey Book Club: Walking with Faith blog

I am super excited you are here Welcome! First, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kimberly Mitchell; I am a mom of two. I have an associate’s degree in information technology and bachelor’s in communications. Neither of those I have been actually using unless you count typing and hanging out on Amazon.com looking for the next great read.

I was born and raised in NY by two of the best parents, in a huge home, and went on plenty family vacations. I also attended church every Sunday, everything but the white picket fence; you might say I was very fortunate growing up. However, that didn’t stop the unsuspected life events from happening. I can honestly say that I am very grateful to have had the foundation that was laid out before me, that kept me when I began to veer off course. In New Journey I will be sharing some of those twists and turns that lead me back home; to inspire and encourage others.

What inspired the “New Journey book club and blog?”
It was while the pieces,during the process,being placed together I had stumbled upon my purpose. This as a result impelled me to begin writing. I wanted to write about our Father’s forgiveness, His unmerited favor and His tender mercies. His love is too grand to keep to myself; therefore, in my learning during this walk, I began to share my new journey, motivating through the suggested books and the recounts of a worship experience, quotes and more.

I began writing in 2011, turning my fb page into a devotional page. Every time I heard about another account of His everlasting love, from the bible and how it relates to our lives it began to open my eyes to see I am not in this alone!

The motto… my brand:
The words that express the essence of these letters brought me to realize that “There is medicine and love in the pen”. Healing starts from the inside, before the words are spoken. Unspoken but full of life, they are formed in our hearts, a place of vulnerability, hurt and unforgiveness. Deep within a place known only to you and our Heavenly Father, who loves you and hasn’t forgotten about you. It is there through the pen with love the process of healing begins.

The New Journey book club is to motivate, stimulate and inspire us to walk with faith on a Journey by which we encounter new adventures in self-discovery of self-actualization. Healing for our mind, body, soul and spirit. Each book is chosen to uplift and strengthen one another,as we give feed back on what we received from the stories. Getting healthier and stronger through words. This page is designed to create a loving and caring environment; which exudes harmony, also a spirit of giving and support. Every now and then if you feel like sharing feel free. There will be posting of exciting ministries events and more.

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