The Book Launch of Caged Without a Voice by Shaquilla Williams

Can anything Good come from Mount Vernon?
That is a question one might ask if you lived in the Westchester section of New York. With the dark clouds that almost always seemingly exist, with leadership at odds, and fighting almost just as much as the kids, one may overlook the amount of talent that lay in the middle of this town, from the days of Art Carney from the hit show “The Honeymooners”. There is has been an enormous amount of talent that has been born, from 1918 until.
With no end date in sight, this can be a good thing. The world can really use what Mount Vernon seems to continue to birth within its 4 square miles. October 30th at the Steamhouse restaurant located on 128 Gramatan Avenue in Mount Vernon, NY, I had the pleasure of meeting with a Sister friend and Author Shaquilla Williams, who was gathering with her many supporters for the release of her new book; Caged Without a Voice. A story of a Domestic Violence Survivor. A story very seldom told.

Shaquilla, like many young girls who anticipate the day her knight would come in and rescue her from her situation. Instead also like many end up with someone who can sniff out those, struggle with self-love and use it to their advantage. What little light, life, and dreams these young women have, they seek to snuff it out. Not the case with Ms. Williams. She met what she thought was “Mr. Right” when she was 20 years old. They both have 2 beautiful children together, Shaquilla was happy and yet still wanted more, she wanted to further her education, dream too big for him to fathom. Well, I wish I could tell you more, however you must purchase this powerful book for yourself. Only Shaquilla can tell you about her courageous journey. A Journey that will impact and change lives. I am grateful for Shaquilla becoming uncaged and finding her voice.

Shaquilla stands with two Business Women, Gems that flew into Mount Vernon, New York to help get the celebration on the way. Melissa Jakes, CEO of RESCUE Event Planning, Author, and Speaker all the way from Maryland; Desiree Lee, a 10 times bestseller Author, Public Speaker, Publishing Consultant and CEO of AIB (Authors In Business) from Georgia. The energy in the room was strong, fierce and humble. I wouldn’t know all of this if I didn’t Google them. They were not there to promote themselves and they could; no but that night was about their “Little Sister” breaking down big doors! They were standing right beside her on her New Journey. Walking in your Assignment is never easy. Your Journey may not make sense now; however, it is your New Journey you find that each step was filled with purpose. Your Testimony, of how you were delivered has the power of healing for you and those that may need to hear it.

I am honored, to have been chosen to be a part of Shaquilla Williams Journey, she is a Remarkable Woman, Mother, Friend, and Author. Caged Without a Voice can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books A Million. Can anything good come out of Mount Vernon, New York? I say yes! Shaquilla Williams, Author. Ms. Williams is still in school changing lives, raising children, and working on her Masters! Go ahead, make the earth shake because another Anointed, Strong Woman just stood up from what could have held you down.

John 1:46 But Nathanael said to Philip, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” Philip answered, “Come and see”.

From out of your Pain, Power is born…

Author and founder of NewJourneyBookClub

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